About Us

About Sol-Up EV

We aim to help Las Vegas and its surrounding areas pave the path to sustainability through many mediums by utilizing forms of renewable energy.

Founded in 2016, Sol-Up EV is a division of Sol-Up Inc.  As an extension of Las Vegas’ premier solar installation company, we serve the Las Vegas valley and its surrounding areas for all your EV charger-related needs.  We are excited to  continue our mission to make this world livable and healthy for future generations to come.


We have partnered with several different charging companies to offer you options for EV chargers.  These companies are all at the forefront of EV charging technology.


Our company doesn’t just encourage the use of EV charging stations, we utilize them ourselves.  We have a charging station installed at our headquarters, as well as having three company EVs.  We believe that the next big movement towards improving climate change is with the adoption of EVs into the mainstream.  If you already own an EV, installing a home charger is a no brainer.  The convenience of having your own fueling station at your door will erase any bad memories of waiting in long lines at a gas station ever again.  Plus, combined with rooftop solar, EVs will propel you towards a greener you as well as significantly reducing your payback period.

Sol-Up EV is committed to helping Las Vegas pave its path to sustainability.  We envision the city of lights becoming more environmentally conscious and active in the pursuit of a better future for our generation and those to come.


EVs are becoming more commonplace as automakers are creating vehicles that are less reliant on traditional means of fuel.  There has been a movement to become less dependent on foreign oil, and for the U.S. to become more sustainable.  Such dependence on petroleum makes us susceptible to price fluctuations and supply disruptions.  Going electric is good for the environment as there are fewer carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere.


Your EV Installation Process-Simplified!

  • 1. Site Qualification Survey

  • 2. Installation

  • 3. Initial Activation and Configuration

  • 4. Go Live!